The King is Dead, 'Good Morning America' Beats the 'Today Show' in Viewers

It took 16 long years for ABC to put out this press release.  Been dusted off many times while it sat in someone’s computer or wordprocessor as they used to be called way back when.  Yes, for those of you who can still remember, we used to use wordprocessors back then to write stories.

That’s how long it’s been.

For Good Morning America to officially annuonce that it has topped the monster in the morning, NBC’s Today Show, in overall number of viewers for the week of April 9th.

"Good Morning America" - 'Nicki Minaj in Concert' - Robin Roberts and Nicki Minaj

Robin Roberts and Nicki Minaj - "Good Morning America"

The “we’re number 1” chant could be heard from Times Square in Manhattan to as far west as Burbank and if you don’t think there are a lot of happy people at ABC today, well there are a lot of really happy people over at ABC.

The Today Show has been shedding viewers consistently over the past several years with Good Morning America nipping at their toes, inching up week to week.  And the Katie Couric stunt surely helped bring new viewers over to ABC which definitetly helped in getting Good Morning America over the top by a winning margin of 13,000 more viewers.

Senior exectuive producer Tom Cibrowski said in a statement “we want to thank out loyal viewers, our stations” and the on-air team which gave them the number one slot.  ABC has not done that well in the morning since December 4th of 1995.

Still to be seen if they can hold on to that ranking.  NBC is not going to take this second placement for long.  But this is big, really big.



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