The 'Factual Entertainment Forum' Definitely the Real Deal

Most of the events we attend are purely focused on talent in reality shows or prime time programs.  So we decided to take a bit of a turn and check out a more management targeted event with limited star power and what a great two day event.  The Factual Entertainment Forum in Santa Monica, California was a pretty cool deal that gave attendees a real good overview of what television and cable networks seek for programming content.


Family Jewels cast Gene Simmons, Shannon Tweed, Nick, Tweed-Simmons, Sophie Tweed Simmons – Photo from Rahoul Ghose/Factual Entertainment Forum

But we had to check out Gene Simmons of Gene Simmons Family Jewels before on A&E.  The full crew from the show attended the event and the picture we are highlighting is about the whole family but that was just a small part of the program at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica.

First it was great to get out of the city for a minute.  The Loews is right on the Pacific Ocean so they couldn’t have picked a better location but the content for those involved in the reality television business was incredible.  I would suggest that if you have any interest in the genre, next time then present the Factual Entertainment Forum, you might want to attend.

Reality Royalty was the session that launched the Forum and that was about it for the star power for the event.  The rest of the Forum was a list of incredibly talented executives from many of the major networks that carry reality programming.  LifeTime, TLC, ABC, Syfy, Oprah’s OWN, truTV, Spike TV and other major networks sent executives their to give the attendees a solid overview of the reality television genre and it was quite informative.

Of all the featured speakers, Kevin Burns from Prometheus Entertainment stole the session titles Trends to Watch for Factual Entertainment.  A more mature producer of television shows including A&E’s Biography, the reality show The Girls Next Door on E! and Kendra Wilkinson’s Kendra along with a plethora of other shows in his long career.  An awesome wealth of knowledge that added immensely to that session.

In addition if there was interest in pitching your own reality show, this was the place to be and is the place to be for future programs produced by the Factual Entertainment Forum with agent meetings and speed pitching sessions with those interested in presenting their own ideas for reality programming was part of this event.

And then there was Gene Simmons.  A suggestion that his is the event to attend next time it rolls around especially for those in Los Angeles looking to network with top management people at very well respected network and cable channels.  An event worth attending that we will definitely put on the calendar next year.

Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas

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