The Devil Made Me Do It, TV Pastor Creflo Dollar Beats Up 15 Year Old Daughter

Sometimes I gotta watch some of these TV pastors do their thing on TV, wondering how in the hell they get people to follow them with such zeal and vigor.  I always thought about starting my own church just for the money but with my luck I’d get struck down by lightening.

Creflo Dollar’s empire just got struck down by the hands of the Fayette County Sheriff’s department in Georgia for using what black folks have used in the past when disciplining their children.  And we’re not talking about the hand of God but Creflo Dollar used the hand of Creflo Dollar during an altercation with his 15 year old daughter.

Television Pastor Creflo Dollar

Television Pastor Creflo Dollar

Creflo Dollar came to his senses today saying he never choked his daughter who dialed 911 after his alleged  smack-down with his daughter.  In the police report Creflo Dollar went devil all on his kid, bum rushing her as he put his hands around her throat, punching his offspring and then taking a shoe and slapping her as his final volley.

Yeah, that sounds like something a black parent would do to their kid.  Especially the shoe.  Black parents reach for whatever is in the vicinity to get their kids in line.

“The truth is that a family conversation with our youngest daughter got emotional,” Creflo Dollar told his congregation today in Atlanta.  “Things escalated from there.”

Sure did as Creflo Dollar denies any of the above activities.  But his 19 year old daughter ratted him out to police confirming the incident.  When the pastor finished his shoe slapping he threw his daughter to the floor where she then ran to her mother who denied seeing the assault.

As they do in black churches, Creflo Dollar received support from his followers.  And of course the drama continues.

Rick Thomas

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