"...the damn show destroyed my family," says Billy Ray Cyrus of 'Hannah Montana'

It also made you a lot of money, pal but that’s why we call this RealTVCritics.com because we say and speak the real deal when someone like Billy Ray Cyrus shoves money in his pocket for four years and never complained about the bank account.

Now he’s whining?

Well he says he didn’t make any money from ‘Hannah Montana’ during its run on the Disney Channel.  But maybe Billy Ray Cyrus is connecting the show as recently put in paperwork to end his marriage with wife Tish.

hannah_montana_soundtrack-1In an interview with GQ Magazine Cyrus says “I’ll tell you right now…the damn show destroyed my family.  I’d erase all of it in a second if I could.”

Cyrus calls the final season “a disaster” wishes for his family to be “safe and sound and happy and normal” again without the interference of “Hannah Montana.”

Guess the show is also responsible for Miley’s bong smoking video.  Or maybe Billy Ray Cyrus shouldn’t OK Miley’s lap dance with Adam Shankman saying Miley was just “having fun.”

Now the fun includes a bong.  Yeah real smart Billy Ray.  Your 16 year old daughter giving a lap dance to a 44 year old man.  Lots of fun.

Let’s be real.  You and your wife are responsible for all of this.  Miley Cyrus has been on television since she was 8 years old and I think you may have some sort of responsiblity here, ya think?  Nobody is responsible for this mess of your life except you.  Hey, weren’t you on the show too?

Billy Ray Cyrus is a weak man.  Period.

Rick Thomas

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