The Best Thing About This Worthless Super Bowl...Bruno Mars Halftime Show (YouTube Video)

So this Super Bowl sucked.  It really sucked.  Payton Manning was a pretender and surely not a contender.  Give Russell
Wilson some props.  Though he really didn’t have to do much as the Denver Broncos simply imploded against the Seattle Seahawks.


The only happy people in America after this mess of a game are those living in Seattle.  Every advertiser is licking their wounds after knowing that viewers like me are now watching Taken 2 instead of NBC’s coverage of the bit game.

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson

No matter what Liam Neeson and Famken Janssen are really no attractive on my TV than the Super Bowl.  Millions of dollars for a 30 second ad?  No way.

Anyway those are my thoughts.  Love to hear yours.

Rick Thomas



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