The Beginning of the End for FOX's 'American Idol'

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler got it right.  Randy Jackson, well Randy Jackson has be a multi-millionaire mogul in the music industry for way too long and him being the last to make a decision on being a part of American Idol makes sense.  Let’s see…a music mogul on a music focused reality show?  Yeah he will stick around for as long as FOX wants him.

Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson on 'American Idol' on FOX

But the end is very near.  The end of the huge budgets to present the formerly iconic, still very heavily watched TV show American Idol.  Reports are flying about that the show will be significantly restructured for the upcoming season well beyond the loss of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, both announcing their departures from American Idol.

Why is all of this happening?

 American Idolhas failed miserably in the most important area of growing a television program.  That’s increasing the ratings and even with 20 million viewers watching every week during each episode, it pales in comparision with the 30 million plus that watched when American Idol first began to air.

Well getting that audience is never coming back to American Idol.  Never.  And with over 30% of its audience gone the opportunity for increasing ad dollars during the upcoming seasons is impossible.  Getting back the shine that was American Idol is gone so cutting back on operations and marketing of the show is in order.  That is going to happen, no doubt.  And losing two major names in Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, well think about this.  Would you want to be part of a declining show?  How’s that gonna look on your resume?

This is not unexpected.  Show’s decline.  Yes they do.  Budgets for big shows get cut.  Expected.  But once again what talent  with any level of quality will want to come to a show that is going in the wrong direction?

 American Idolis in trouble.  More to come.



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