The AP, CBS, ABC and Whitey Bulger, How Did He Get Away with This? (Videos)

I’m sorry.  I’m not buying this.  So Osama Bin Laden hides out in caves since his assault on the World Trade Center more known as 9/11, gets found watching porn, gets shot all up and now is swimming around in the ocean somewhere off the coast of some Middle Eastern country.  And for 17 years Whitey Bulger, number 2 on the FBI’s top 100 list of most wanted, finally got caught in Santa Monica, California living the life of a rock star.

How the hell does that happen?   Osama hiding out while Whitey does his thing in Santa Monica.  You gotta be kidding me, right?


Whitey Bulger

Whitey Bulger

There’s a conspiracy going  on here.  All black people believe in the conspiracy theory.  Muslim brotha gets shot the heck up while Whitey Bulger runs around for free.  Something is not right here.  I want a Senate Sub-Committee investigation in to this.  Something is not right.

Anyway the Whitey guy got caught.  Living the good life by the beach.  Must be nice, as Osama freezes in a compound that’s full o porn while a murderer gets his groove on in Santa Monica.  If you have ever been to Santa Monica, well it’s really nice.,

Watch the videos.  Nothing more to say.

Rick Thomas

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