That Didn't Take Long, FOX Cancels 'Lone Star'

‘Lone Star’ was one of those critically acclaimed pilots that after watching you were truly engaged and wanted to see what was going to happen next.  Quality cast, great plot, great writing and as in most well reviewed TV shows no one seemed interested in watching.

Robert Allen and David Keith in 'Lone Star'

Robert Allen and David Keith in 'Lone Star'

I have to admit myself that after watching the pilot on a JetBlue flight, I didn’t even turn on the second episode.

So FOX has decided to halt production on the show that many thought would be a hit.  Man has quality flown out the window or what?  FOX isn’t even going to run the other three episodes that were produced and have decided to drop in the premiere of ‘Lie to Me’ in hopes of saving the start new television series that does not look pretty for the network.

According to the first week’s ratings, FOX has lost 16% of its audience when comparing its viewers to last year.

Not good.

‘Lone Star’s plot was pretty cool.  A con man and his father doing what they do best, conning people.  But the kid was living a double life, married to two women and working both ends to ripoff everyone in his sight.  The pilot was solid.  People just didn’t watch it and that’s too bad.  Jon Voight was his usual awesome, David Keith was perfect in his role as the dad of Robert Allen’s character James Wolk.

Stay tuned.  More cancellations to come.

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