New Apple Pie and Pizza Diet as Tennis Great Anna Kournikova Joins 'The Biggest Loser'

Now I found my reason go back to my old diet.  I’ve been on this low carb diet.  No rice, no bread (I’ve had a little) and no pasta are the biggest losers for me and I actually don’t miss the 25 pounds I’ve dropped.  But I’m going back.  And if there’s a reason going back, getting cast on NBC’s The Biggest Loser and getting trained by Anna Kournikova is all worth it, I say.

'The Biggest Loser - Anna Kournikova

The tennis great will be joining the series this new set of shows which begins on Tuesday September 20th.  Let’s see if I start eating apple pies and all pizza I should be about 250 by that date.  But with my luck I’d drop from a massive coronary.

Anna Kournikova joins Dolvet Quince, Alison Sweeney and Bob Harper as the team of fitness experts who will be working with the likes of former NFL player Antone Davis who played offensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons.  Yeah, Antone played for the Eagles when I lived in Philly.  What do I remember about Antone Davis?  “Holding!  Number 89 on the Eagles offensive, 15 yards, the touchdown is nullified, replay the down,” from the referee of any game Antone Davis played for Philadelphia.

Dolvett Quince, Alison Sweeney, Bob Harper and Anna Kournikova

Anyway back to Anna.  Aaaaah, forget it.  But read the list of participants for this season’s The Biggest Loser below.

REBECCA “BECKY” COMET (Math teacher), 51, Benton, Arkansas

MIKE DANLEY (High school teacher/football coach), 62, Spencerville, Indiana

ANTONE DAVIS (Restaurant manager and former NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons from 1991-97), 44, Knoxville, Tennessee

PATRICK FERRARI (Mental health adult foster care worker), 26, Albany, Oregon

JOHN “JOHNNY” FORGER (Realty company owner), 65, Canton, Massachusetts

BONNIE GRIFFIN (Retired payroll supervisor), 63, Picayune, Mississippi

VENCENT “VINNY” HICKERSON (Songwriter/entertainer), 27, Nashville, Tennessee

JESSICA LIMPERT (Travel nurse), 26, San Francisco, California

DEBORAH “DEBBIE” LOUNDS (Sr. administrative assistant), 60, Ann Arbor, Michigan

RAMON MEDEIROS (Tattoo artist), 27, Florence, Colorado

JOE MITCHELL (Home health therapist), 46, Knoxville, Tennessee

COURTNEY RAINVILLE (Internet marketing specialist), 24, Scottsdale, Arizona

JOHN RHODE (Special education teacher/football coach), 40, Mesa, Arizona

JENNIFER RUMPLE (Television producer), 39, Alameda, California

SUNNY SINCLAIR (Fifth grade teacher), 41, Frisco, Texas

Rick Thomas

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