Takin' Dallas in 'Style' with 'Big Rich Texas' (Videos)

OK so we have a lot of well off housewives running all around Bravo, taking you from the way West in Orange County to New York down to Atlanta to the East.  But what about those rich oil families in the middle of the country, you know  the ones we used to see in the original Dallas TV series that ran back in the day?

'Big Rich Texas Cast' - Melissa Poe, Maddie Poe, Connie Dieb, Grace Dieb, Bon Blossman, Whitney Whatley, Leslie Birkland, Kalyn Niccole Braun, Hannah Gelbert Martin, Pamela Martin Duarte

Well now The Style Network is going to feature some middle of the country, well to do, must be nice to be rich women and their daughters in a new series based in Dallas.  Big Rich Texas will premiere on the network in July and will have a 10 episode run.  Now most would call this a ripoff but we say why recreate the wheel, right?

This series will uncover the antics and behind the scene drama of five very well off women in the Dallas social circle that most of us can only watch but add in their really spoiled daughters.

Oh this is going to be real fun.

And it has been.  Check out our interview with Bonnie Blossman which you can link through below.  And we’ve been trying to get an interview with Pamela Martin who is following RealTVCritics.com so that she can tell us more on her integration in Big Rich Texas but we haven’t heard back on setting up a day and time to chat.  C’mon, Pam, let’s talk!

The Style Network is trying to call it a docu-series.  Yeah right.  If this isn’t a reality TV show then it’s a docu-series?  OK whatever, but this could be a mess.  One story we saw called it “competitive” which will be the focus of any program where you have five rich moms and their spoiled daughters.

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