Still No Deal for Thomas Gibson, 'Criminal Minds'

Well Shemar Moore seems to have a deal that makes him happy.  Paget Brewster has a deal that will return her to the popular CBS show Criminal Minds.  But the lead guy who runs the CBI…oh we mean the Behavior Analysis Unit.  The CBI is from another cool show on CBS, The Mentalist.

Thomas Gibson as 'Hotch' on the CBS Show 'Criminal Minds'

Thomas Gibson as 'Hotch' on the CBS Show 'Criminal Minds'

That is Thomas Gibson who plays Hotch, the leader of the BAU and is the co-star of Criminal Minds.  Who at this point still has no agreement in place to return to the CBS show and that would be a huge loss if he didn’t come back to the program.


Well with the spin-off Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior being canceled by CBS, the original Criminal Minds starring Thomas Gibson is the cream of the crop now and it gives Gibson some serious wiggle room for negotiation.  And that would be a bad move to not bring him back to the show.

Gotta tell you.  This is a solid show for CBS and expect Thomas Gibson to ink a deal with the show.  You can real more about all of the changes from our friends over at Deadline.com as Nellie Andreeva give us the full rundown on Criminal Minds.


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