Stay in School Young Lady, Stay in School in the Words of 'Judge Judy' (Video)

You know you gotta love YouTube.  Cause you can find just about anything, any kind of video on YouTube.  But some of them are so dumb.  Really dumb.

Every once in a while we use YouTube videos as content on our site.  It’s TV as far as we’re concerned so we look around the web on other sites just to find some interesting content that we can upload to make you laugh.

This one is why the irascible Judge Judy who rolls through life with one of the most popular court shows on daytime television tells her plaintiffs and defendants to stay in school.

This blonde really needs to listen to Judge Judy.


Now I like blonds.  As a regular member with an annual subscription to Match.com I tend to spend a lot of time surfing for them in the Orange County region of Southern California.  But this one blond is the type I like to avoid and the title of this video “Downtown Disney” tells me that I could run in to her when I see my clients in that area but now that I see her face I will do my best to avoid this woman.  But my luck is my luck so I have a chance of seeing her sometime soon since Match.com is so much fun.

Probably after writing this story I will have less and less chance of meeting anyone down there but what the hell I like uploading content of my sick, twisted life so here we go.

A couple of clowns who call themselves Prank Versus Prank decided to ask this blond to do whatever they tell her to do on what seems like the boardwalk of any beach community in Orange County Cali.  And she proceeds to do just that.  Seems this one must not have a father because he would be changing his name and move to another area of the world if his sweet daughter is doing such craziness.  But it’s Prank Versus Prank so here she goes.

Yes the title in the video is “Public Embarrassment” which this clearly is.  Stay in school, honey.  Stay in school.

Gotta love Orange County.

Rick Thomas





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