Speaking of HBO, 'Entourage' is Back

No we are not on the HBO payroll.  They can’t afford us.  Vinnie Chase and the boys are back in town this summer for season 7 of the hit HBO series ‘Entourage.’  We’ll get a chance to see ten new episodes which of course means we really don’t have to actually watch the premiere on June 27th at 10:30PM. 



Because you know HBO will be running all 10 episodes about 459 times during the summer.  And why not.  It’s such a cool show.  One of the best on television and really gives you a true look at Los Angeles and what some call the ‘L.A. Bull Crap’ that goes on in that city.

Along  with the normal cast of characters in ‘Entourage,’ Gary Cole is returning along with Debi Mazar and Beverly D’Angelo.  Guest stars this season include Bob Saget, Jessica Simpson, John Stamos and Mike Tyson.

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