Speaking of 'American Idol' is Ryan Seacrest "Kicked Out the Door, Hosting No More?"

Well as we said in the story below, the people tuning in to watch American Idoldropped to the ground like one of Tiger Woods girlfriends and the end of year three of Ryan Seacrest’s contract as host of the show could be coming to an end.

AMERICAN IDOL: Ryan Seacrest

AMERICAN IDOL Host Ryan Seacrest

Seacrest signed a three year, $45 million contract with American Idol a couple of years back and now comes word that the radio DJ, TV show producer, restaurateur, future cable TV owning guy may be on the outs at the show.  Hey let’s be real when the ratings keep dropping as they have over the last few years to pay Ryan 15 million big ones gets a bit costly for the network.

According to reports from several source, Ryan Seacrest has been asked to take a pay cut at American Idol and he apparently doesn’t seem to be happy about the drop.  In fact the cut seem to be so significant that producer Nigel Lythgoe says he will make up the difference in the reduction in salary paid to Seacrest according to the folks over at TMZ.com.

The full story about Ryan Seacrest’s removal from American Idol comes from a story in the New York Post where you can link to the story below.





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