Spanking Made Me a Better Person, But This Sick, Twisted Judge Beating His Kid is Sick and Twisted

OK so I will admit it to everyone reading this story.  I got spanked as a kid.  Maybe a maximum of twice a week, minimum one time.  But that’s what happened to kids growing up in the 60’s  and 70’s.  That’s when tough love and Scared Straight weren’t needed because Mommy and Daddy took care of the home front.

That the way loves goes as Janet Jackson says in her song.  Especially in the hood.

These days kids need a baseball bat rather than a strap.  Back in the day we did Quaaludes and weed growing up.  Today, well today there’s so much more out there I’m glad the doctors took away my ability to reproduce via a vasectomy.

Thank God.

But this sick judge and his wife are totally sick you know whats and it begins with the letter “f’ with what they did to their own daughter.  I don’t have kids but if my brother or sister disciplined my niece or nephew in this manner I would shoot them. Yes with a shotgun.  Right in the head.   Between the eyes.

Authorities say the statute of limitations has passed on prosecuting Judge William Adams for assaulting his own kid.  And the mother is no candidate for Mother of the Year either.  These two people need Jesus in their lives.

For all the beatings I took as a kid, I never got one at this level.  I used to be able to talk my parents out of any real hard core violence by speaking to, at least my father, man to man.

Suggestion to all kids these days.  Tell your parents things that will make them laugh.  Speaking man to man to my Dad took away the harshness of the strap.

Just my story.  I’m sticking to it by saying these are the most worthless parents on earth.  Sick, twisted you know whats.  But I’ve seen this story all week and finally watched the video on YouTube.

These people, once again, need Jesus in their lives.

Rick Thomas

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