'Sons of Anarchy' Actor Kills Woman, Found Dead in Los Angeles

In somewhat of a bizarre story in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles, Sons of Anarchy and The O.C. actor Johnny Lewis was found dead outside an upscale home after apparently killing the woman who owned the property. 

Police were called to a quiet neighborhood to a home that rented rooms to actors who needed short term lodging and Johnny Lewis was one of those residents.  Authorities report that Johnny Lewis, who played  Sons of Anarchy gang member Kip Epps, got in to a fight with other men outside the home and then one of the men believed to be Johnny Lewis jumped on the roof and fell or jumped off.

'Sons of Anarchy's Johnny Lewis

'Sons of Anarchy's Johnny Lewis

The 70 year old woman was found dead in her home of an apparent homicide as police investigate exactly what happened to lead to the incident. 

Former NBC News correspondent Dan Blackburn lived in the neighborhood and encountered Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis prior to his death.  Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis went on to Dan Blackburn’s property beating up the painter working on Blackburn’s property and then his wife and him.  Johnny Lewis tried to break in to Blackburn’s house after the three victims tried to get away.  Blackburn slammed the door on Sons of Anarchy actorJohnny Lewis’ arm in an prevent him from entering the home.




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