So a Pit Bull Named 'Scarface' Doesn't Want to Wear a Christmas Sweater, Ends Up Mauling It's Owner (ABC Tampa Video)

The moral of this story…let your f#$%ing pit bull wear whatever the hell he wants to wear. Second moral…instead of trying to put a sweater of said pit bull how about testing that out with a poodle first.

See a poodle won’t…well you can’t tell stupid people anything these days but let’s get to the third moral of this and that’s don’t buy a pit bull named Scarface and expect it to act like the Virgin Mary while putting a sweater on the damn dog!!!

Merry Christmas you idiots!!!

So this dope of a woman decides that she is going to put a sweater on her pit bull. It was probably one of those dumb Christmas sweaters that even the damn pit bull said “I ain’t wearin’ no damn Christmas sweater b#$ch!!!”

Well watch this video and see what the pit bull does to this stupid woman. It’s not pretty but you’re doing to laugh your ass off!!!