Sling TV Trashes NBC, But Sling TV Should Be Trashed for Lack of Diversity (YouTube Videos)

What the hell is wrong with these idiots over at Sling TV.  OK so here’s the back story.  Or maybe I should call it the lack of black or brown story.

Sling TV is a fledgling service that is trashing NBC for not running the service’s commercials.  Not running their stupid commercials.  Really stupid.  The CEO of Sling TV is a guy that is no doubt brain dead as Comcast, despite all of its issues with service to their cable customers, certainly will not run a commercial that insults their own cable company.

Isn’t that really stupid?  Yeah like I would run a commercial saying that RealTVCritics.com is a shitty web-site. Yeah, spit in your own face, right?

WRONG Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch.  Way wrong.


So NBC is the only network that told Roger Lynch to take his Sling TV service commercials to take a hike.  Hike on Sling TV commercials and hike on Roger Lynch.  NBC said we don’t need your money.

I mean Comcast/NBC is King Kong…King freaking Kong!

So this wimp Roger Lynch goes on a hissy fit and whines about NBC not running his commercials.  OK he has the right to do whatever he wants to do to promote his service.  I give Roger Lynch props for having the balls to create a really good marketing plan to get great PR for NBC’s refusal to run his tighty, really whitey commercials.

So let me be even more blunt Roger Lynch.

Black people, people of Latino descent WATCH TV!!!

Who in their right mind would hire an ad agency to create commercials in the year 2015 for a broadcast service and have zero people of color in those commercials in them?  I mean what country does Roger Lynch live in?

Can anybody in the media business be that ignorant?  Um, clearly Roger Lynch (I really want to go on a rant about his last name) IS that ignorant.


Hey Madison Avenue…or the miniature minds that created these current commercials…if you want sell any media related product in America and you only have white people in those commercials you should fire your advertising agency.


I used to bitch about NBC’s lack of diversity BEFORE Comcast bought out the network and put in management that understood the importance of people of color in front of the camera.  NBC used to have a shit record of having only white folks in front of the camera until Comcast, based in my home town of Philadelphia, fired all of the single minded, lacking diversity, feeble minded managers and looked at America.  Looked at America and said “well hell there are a lot of blacks and Latinos in the country and we’d better figure out a way to connect with them.”

OK I kind of made that quote up but you get my drift.

Sling TV.  Roger…Lynch…get out of the 1920’s or Sling TV will be another great idea that files for bankruptcy in a few years because of the lack of diversity in their marketing and their management.

I was actually going to take that free month of Sling TV that they were offering until I watched their commercials but I will keep on watching my free month of Showtime because they have people of color in their content.

It does, Roger…Lynch…make a huge difference.

Rick Thomas