Sir Paul McCartney, Beatles Seeking 'Glee'

Oh to be ‘Glee.’  Everybody wants some sort of immersion in this show on FOX that keeps getting more juice on a weekly basis leading up to this fall’s new season.  Now one of the famous names in the music business is looking to get the band that made the man on the series.

Ryan Murphy, creator of ‘Glee’ got a mix tape from Sir Paul McCartney, leader of one of the world’s most well known bands, to see if some of the Beatles hits could be used on the show.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

Can you believe that?  Paul McCartney doing a mix tape?  A mix tape from Markus Shulz in Miami or Erick Morillo in Chicago, yeah we want to get a mix tape.  But from the Sir Paul McCartney?

“Of course we are going to do something” was Ryan’s response to the offering.  Guess what?  The Beatles are probably the only band and I do mean the only band that crosses over all age groups.  From 10 year olds to death, the Beatles, well are king.

When that inclusion will take place in ‘Glee’ no one knows but that will be a massive show!


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