"Show Me the Money, Honey," Says William Morris to NBC Biz Anchor Amanda Drury

Amanda Drury can be seen on NBC’s Today Show and CNBC.  As one of ther top business anchors who reports on the opening bell you would think that she and her former rep agency William Morris would be able to count.

Yeah, you’d think that, right?

CNBC's Amanda Drury

CNBC's Amanda Drury


Nope.  Seems the two entities cannot take 10% of a negotiated contract and get a check to the proper parties for that agreement.  WME which is really William Morris Endeavor says in court documents that Amanda Drury owes commissions for cutting a great deal with NBC for her on camera services.

Amanda says hell no.

And so the lawyers begin the process of taking more from WME and Amanda Drury that will not be worth at least her while.  But the law firm of Rabinowitz, Rabinowitz and the other Rabinowitz will be on hand to work this all out.  Seems Amanda Drury thanked William Morris for their services, fired them and refused to pay them their commissions. 

Not good for her new agency of record, you think?

More to come.



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