Shocker!!! 'The Hasselhoffs' Canceled

OK we jest.  Why would anyone watch this show.  I mean A&E had to be kidding themselves if they thought this would be a winner.  There is no reason, and we repeat, no reason to stop your daily duties and turn on ‘The Hasselhoffs’ as the show was canceled after only two episodes over one week.  Both shows ran back to back and didn’t even break 750,000 viewers.

Hayley, David and Taylor Ann Hasselhoff

Hayley, David and Taylor Ann Hasselhoff

There are a few more episodes sitting around but you won’t see them on television at any time so keep an eye out on A&E’s web-site if you were one of the people who may have watched and like this show.  The series featured David Hasselhoff and his two daughters Taylor Ann and Hayley in their efforts to pursue careers in the entertainment business which just goes to show how difficult that can be as getting canceled after one week is, well, a welcome to Hollywood!!!

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