Scumbag Ex of Minka Kelly Shops the Infamous Before She Was a Star SexTape

Welcome to the new world order.  Couple meets, bumps the inevitable nastys and decide to do the dumbest thing in a world of stupid people and make a sex tape.

Then the ignorance takes a wrong turn as a career takes the right turn.  

Minka Kelly just became a victim of boyfriend gets back at former girlfriend by trying to sell a sex tape as one of her exes is shopping the video content to the highest bidder, all according to TMZ.

Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly

Yes, we can always rely on TMZ and Harvey Levin to come up with such content.  And that’s why he and the people over at TMZ.com are in big business as the web-site and television show says Minka Kelly’s ex has a one on one event between him and the actress back in 1998.

So let’s do the math.  Minka Kelly who we all met on Friday Night Lights and is the ex of baseball superstar Derek Jeter, was only 16 years old when the act took place in New Mexico.  And what does that mean?  The low-life ex is shopping and trying to sell kiddie porn.

Let’s hope they arrest this Jerry Sandusky looking ex of Minka Kelly before he actually finds some low-life porn producer to buy the tape.

Now unfortunately Minka Kelly was a willing contributor to the session that was filmed as both were aware a camera was present. 

Minka Kelly is set to star in The Butler in the role of the incredible Jackie Kennedy.



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