'Savoir Faire' King George Hamilton Gets New TV Land Show

George Hamilton and son GT Hamilton...

George Hamilton and son GT Hamilton...

How does he keep that fabulous tan and age so gracefully and coolly.  George Hamilton, who keeps up with Betty White as the aging performers that viewers want to see, is getting a new show focused on him and his kids.

No name for this program yet coming to TV Land but Hamilton and his two sons Ashley and George (GT) Thomas will be featured in the show.  The elder Hamilton and Ashley will play two perennial bachelors, then having 10 year old George come to Los Angeles to live with them.

Kinda of a cable version of ‘Two and a Half Men’ ya think?

TV Land seems to be the network moving forward and fast.  With the coming of ‘Hot In Cleveland’ which premiered with solid viewers and liked by critics, George Hamilton’s show joins a group of new original programs on the network.

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