Same Sex Liplock Get 'The L Word's Leisha Hailey, Partner Kicked Off Plane

So as I wrote on one blog, who is the woman?  Rather than looking her up here we go with another episode of two people acting like an idiot or moron on a plane.  Once again, Southwest Airlines is the culprit according to The L Word actress Leisha Hailey.

Who is she?  Well she did 70 episodes of that show on Showtime but I wasn’t really in to lesbians then or now on my TV so I have no clue who this woman or her partner are?  But on a recent flight Hailey and her partner Camila Grey apparently put on a showy lip lock on a Southwest flight that got the attention of the crew and were taken off the plane prior to departure.

Leisha Hailey

“It was one modest kiss,” the couple said in a statement but flight attendants clearly disagreed and told the couple to chill.  They, of course, got angry with those crew members who then thought it best to remove Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey from the flight.

Other passengers who viewed the so-called “modest kiss” took offense to the actress and her partner’s activities and told the crew and the melee of conversation and chatter began.  The airline told the Hollywood Reporter “The conversation escalated to a level that was better resolved on the ground.”

In the same statement from Hailey and Grey they stated “We find it disturbing that the same airline who lauds itself as being LGBT friendly has twisted an upsetting incident that happened into our behavior being ‘too excessive.’ ”

These two women are idiots. LGBT friendly has it limits.  Meaning that having class on a plane is having class on a plane.  Two words for these two women.  No class.  Half this country is Republican, conservative and don’t like lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals or those in the transgender community.  Period.

In other words, don’t act like assholes on a plane.

A link to the Hollywood Reporter story is below along with my comments to others on that site about this incident.


Rick Thomas

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Rick Thomas Blog Comments on the Hollywood Reporter:

First off, who are these two people?

Second if it was a “modest” kiss, they would never have been tossed from the plane. But then what is a “modest” kiss.  In other words nobody cares about a simple kiss.


So it had to be excessive.

Three why do passengers have to act like idiots on planes?  These two women clearly are idiots.  Put them in the same category as those three idiot hikers.  Meaning you don’t cross the line.  At any time or you get what these two women got.


At least not in prison as the three idiot hikers.

Personally I don’t want to see a heterosexual couple kissing on a plane.  Understand where you are and act like adults, not idiots.

Finally the LGBT community along with GLAAD need to realize that there are still a lot of people who don’t dig anything they want, say or want to be.  Those people are called the Republican Party and there are lot of them, like half this country.  Remember they like to boo gay members of the military at Republican debates.  That should be enough for those in the LGBT community to understand that in certain environments it may be a good idea to just chill.

Especially on a friggin’ plane.

No matter who you are or what you are, what category you fall within, doing the right, proper thing in public is about doing the right, proper thing in public.

You know what was cool about watching that new show Pan Am was seeing people wearing suits and dresses on the plane. There was an element of class when you got on a plane and you didn’t have to return to the 60’s to see that.  It wasn’t long ago when flying a plane was a classy experience.

No more.





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