Sam Champion Calls It A Gay, Announces Engagement on 'Good Morning America' (YouTube Video)


Here we go again.  Another major television personality comes out gay and announces his engagement to his same sex partner and it’s blowing up on the internet.


Well because people get all a glitter on Twitter when someone like Good Morning America weather guy Sam Champion comes out and admits he’s gay by telling the world he’s engage to longtime partner Rubem Robierb.

Sam Champion from 'Good Morning America' and Rubem Robierb

Sam Champion from 'Good Morning America' and Rubem Robierb

Sam Champion is gay?  Get out, that’s really something no one knew, right?

El wrongo!

But today was a big day on Good Morning America and a big day for America just in general.  Sam Champion has announced his engagement to Miami based art guy Rubem Robierb on the now number one morning show and Good Morning America made a huge deal out of it during today’s show.

Actor Ben Affleck guested and congratulated Sam Champion and Rubem as well as the actor was their to pitch his new movie Argo.  “It’s very exciting.  I was moved,” said Affleck.  “I was very inspired…a moving love story,” Affleck continued.

Even the hospitalized Robin Roberts Tweeted her best to Sam Champion saying “Hope to be well enough to attend the wedding.”

Even Sam Champion was surprised by the overwhelming support of his announcement.  But once again, in the world of who cares anymore, well who cares anymore.

Congrats Sam Champion.



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