Russell Brand 'Wide Awake' Dogged by Katy Perry Video, Documentary...5 Million Plus Views (YouTube Video)

If it wasn’t for the demise of Liars, Cheaters and Bastards the web-site, Russell Brand would be joining me as a member or should we say victim of the wrath of a woman. Now Russell Brand certainly is a bigger name than Rick Thomas and being the former husband of pop superstar makes him a huge target of those who feel he really screwed over Katy Perry.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry - 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

Seems the singer, albeit young and dumb at the ripe old age of 27, made the huge mistake of saying “I do” to Russell Brand and all took a turn for the worse.  Or should we say a turn off a cliff as the storybook romance turned into Katy Perry’s own personal nightmare.

Fast forward to today.  Katy Perry has a documentary coming out that is on the mind of Russell Brand because he apparently agreed to be part of the production but now wants out.  Fast forward again to Liars, Cheaters and Bastards and Russell Brand’s brand is right there next to mine.  Katy Perry tossed him the middle finger so the show or the documentary must go on.  In addition now Katy Perry is taking the the world wide web with a video titled Wide Awake which pretty much documents her time with the actor.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Welcome to my world Russell Brand.  Take it from me, this is not over.  Not over at all.  Once you piss off a woman you’ve dated or married and you bring them in to that area of scorn, well you’re screwed.

But in my case, I kinda like the attention.  Doing great for me personally as I am now a bad boy.  Unfortunately you don’t look like a bad boy.  Me?  Well just search the web for my picture.  I’d try to do over the crack of dawn.

So Katy Perry’s Wide Awake has over 5 million views with a bullet as they say in the music business.  Russell Brand, well he’s kinda wimpy so he may not have fun with it as I am.  But I feel for the guy, I really do.

Check out Wide Awake.  And think Russell Brand.  Wow!

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