Russell Brand Asks Katy Perry to Slice, Dice Him, In Her New Doc That Is

Is this part of the divorce decree?

Never will you hear anything like this request and certainly Judge Judy will not be taking this case because this would be so dumb of her honor to hear the Russell Brand versus Katy Perry clash about keeping him out of her upcoming documentary on her life.

Most would say who cares about a documentary on the life and times of Katy Perry but in this world of asking the question “who cares?” well you just have to realize that a lot of people actually do care about the life and times of Katy Perry.

Problem for Russell Brand.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

And that’s not a question.  That’s a problem for Russell Brand because Russell Brand had one of those short term entertainment marriages to Katy Perry which most thought was going to fail the day the both said “I do.”

Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Now that Katy Perry’s Part of Me documentary is in post production, Russell Brand wants any mention of him in the doc removed because he thinks it will make him look bad.

Has Russell Brand ever looked in the mirror?

So The Sun newspaper over in the UK reports that a source close to Russell Brand says he would only do the filming if he had final say on the end result of what was to air.  Problem is Russell Brand and Katy Perry got divorced and it seems that all previous claims he has on that post production are off.

In other words, Katy Perry has raised her middle finger to Russell Brand on his request.  Yeah, that middle finger.  So now Katy Perry has complete control pretty much over everything in the production of Part of Me.

What’s that line about a woman scorned?

“Now that they have broken up she can keep whatever she wants in the film,” said that source.

Oh, can’t wait to see this documentary.


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