'American Idol' Gets Nicky Minaj, Keith Urban Amidst Viewer Decline on 'The Voice' and 'X Factor' (YouTube Videos)


Nicky Minaj, New Judge on 'American Idol'

Nicky Minaj, New Judge on 'American Idol'

There’s nothing left to do for the reality show American Idol than bring in two of the hottest names in the music world.  And this new season of American Idol may not be a make or break Season 12 of the music competition program but after losing a third of its audience during last season’s American Idol the genre is in big trouble.

The Voice and X Factor are back and they both opened up their new seasons with lower than expected ratings and there’s no underlying reason to note that music reality competition programs are under the gun.  So bring on two of music’s hottest names as new judges in Nicky Minaj and Keith Urban.

Nicky Minaj without a doubt is the hottest pop/urban singer with the most unique international style ever.  And Keith Urban is one of the top names in country music.  Both will bring the potential of new viewers to American Idol.


So American Idol doubles down with two new names and this will no doubt be either the beginning of a new concept of major judges in reality television on the music competition side or the beginning of the end of the TV format.  If American Idol can’t build back so level of increase with Nicky Minaj and Keith Urban, two hot names in the music business, then viewers can expect to see less and less new entries in the field.

This could be fun on American Idol.



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