Rachel Uchitel Leaves, Returns to 'Celebrity Rehab'

Dr. Drew Pinsky just can’t get a break.  First his show’s production date kept getting shifted because the VH1 program ‘Celebrity Rehab’ could not find screwed up celebrities wanting to expose their addictions to a national audience.  There was talk of Lindsay, Jennifer Capriati and on and on.

Then there was Rachel Uchitel.  Needing to revive her low level career after her 15 minutes of fame, Rachel wanted back in the public eye.  Since sleeping with Tiger Wood and David Boreanaz does not make an entertainment career unless you’re near Channel 773 on Time Warner Cable, she made the step to be part of the new upcoming version of ‘Celebrity Rehab.’


After one day with Dr. Drew, Uchitel had decided to split.  According to RadarOnline.com, producers caught up with her at the L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, Cali and convinced her to return.  Apparently Dr. Drew told her several things that were probably true and couldn’t handle the session.  It only took one day for her to get antsy.  More rough days to

come Rachel, my dear, more rough days to come.

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