Rachel Uchitel, Janice Dickinson Check Into 'Celebrity Rehab' r

Janice Dickinson (left) and friend...

Janice Dickinson (left) and friend...

While Tila Tequila checks out of VH1’s ‘Celebrity Rehab’ and Rachel Uchitel checks in, the show that couldn’t find a decent cast of known, whacked out entertainers, then almost got canceled this upcoming season is back in play.

Tila is out because one report says she’s a cutter and had  marks over her body.  ‘Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew’ said thanks but no thanks to Tiny TT.

We say she’s like Lindsay Lohan and not ready to stop partying.

Ya think?

Rachel Uchitel is going cause after doing Tiger Woods and collecting her millions off the end table, her career as nothing more than a woman who ruins marriages is all she has left.  She started sucking down pills and can’t stop.

What else does she have left?  So she’s on board.

Modeling guru Janice Dickinson is also going to be on the show.  Not sure what her problem is but if you ever dated a model especially one over 45 years of age she could be coming back for several future seasons of ‘Rehab.’   Or since she’s been married several times and dated Grace Jones and Kelly LeBrock, maybe she’s addicted to bad relationships.

Others include musician Leif Garrett, Jeremy London from ‘Party of Five’ and ‘7th Heaven, Frankie Lons, Keyshia Coles mother, Jason Wahler from ‘The Hills’ and Jason Davis a socialite .

Not ready to air until late this year.  Gee can’t wait.

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