Race in America 2016, Black Comedian, Writer Gets in to Massive Fight with Megyn Kelly (YouTube Video)

We should expect nothing less.  Why D. L. Hughley chose to appear on FOX News except to agitate Megyn Kelly and the Fake News Network is beyond comprehension.  Completely beyond mental comprehension. And the booked D.L. Hughley right after Mark Furhman was on FOX News with Megyn Kelly which didn’t make D.L. Hughley any happier. You remember Mark Fuhrman…the former LAPD detective who lied during the OJ Simpson trial who said he never use the “n” word ever in his life but was caught on tape using such verbiage.

Well, until you watch this video.

This is one of the most combustible  interviews on FOX News in a while.  And D. L. Hughley holds his own along with Megyn Kelly who does not back down.  This is what race in America has become.  The worst ever.  Black versus white, liberal versus conservative.  Clinton versus Trump.

This is not going to be pretty.  Race in America will be the topic or conversation for a long time.  After the killings of two black men and the shooting deaths of five cops in Dallas.  No matter what President Obama says, no matter what the two candidates for President say, the worst of America when it comes to race relations has begun.

Watch this video.  It is classic.