Please, Please Somebody Save Elita Loresca at KNBC Los Angeles

OK so I’m back watching NBC4 in Los Angeles.  Just for a minute.  You know I just can’t wait until the ‘new’ NBC/Universal makes good on its promise to enhance the quality of their local news.  And I shouldn’t pick on the total news team at Channel 4 in Los Angeles but once again I’ll smack the comedians on the morning show ‘Today in LA.’

Elita Loresca, Weather Anchor for NBC4 Los Angeles

Elita Loresca, Weather Anchor for NBC4 Los Angeles

Poor Elita Loresca.  So out of place but so very professional.  One day when Chris Schauble, former host of ‘Today in LA,’ went on a humorous bit about ‘New Kids on the Block’ and questioned Elita about her growing up as a fan, Ms. Loresca gave her a look like I normally get from ex-girlfriend at a temporary restraining order hearing at Los Angeles Superior Court.

Uh, ruh, I’m the one requesting the order by the way, not for me, but for the rear quarter panel of my car.

That look was “Hey Chris? I’m not some little kid over here, I’m a freaking pro.”

This morning, the comedians hosting ‘Today in LA’ were at it again.  Can’t they just give us the news.  Really, just tell me what’s going on, please?  Coming back from commercials opening the 6:30AM half hour, it was like ‘Def Comedy Jam’ for white people.

Anchors Kathy Vara, Alycia Lane and traffic guy Sean Murphy just have to try to make me laugh.  Oh, yuck, yuck yuck!  OK for the record, “YOU ARE NOT FUNNY!!!”

Just give me the news.

But the best part is Elita Loresca.

Poor Elita.

The look on her face was, well classic.  Not a smile, not like she was at a George Lopez concert at Gibson Amphitheater, just straight professional, well disgust.

So sad the morning news everywhere has turned in to the Howard Stern Show.

Elita Loresca is pretty much the pro in this band of comedians.  News comedians, when did we ever….

Maybe KTLA is watching and talking to her because she’s so much better that what’s on NBC4’s screen in the morning.  I’m sure she regrets some of her earlier decisions to pose for some of those pictures you’ll find on Google images but this seems to be a TV professional concerned about her future career.

Oh so really, really good pictures by the way.

But she’s not Alycia Lane, using her last chit of her career, with no place to go but up.   At 34 years of age Elita Loresca certainly has career motives that don’t sink to the level of ‘Today in LA.’

Please, please somebody save Elita Loresca!!!

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