"Party Down' and 'Breakthrough with Tony Robbins' Now Online

This is a story about the lost and found… of two shows in your recycled bin but if you want to watch can’t on Starz and NBC.  But you can find them online at these network’s digital properties.

‘Party Down’ on Starz had a couple more fans than Lebron James has in Cleveland.  But not enough to keep the small legion of fans growing before the show got canceled.  In fact, I have to say that ‘Party Down’ never registered a blip on my television screen but a comedy about a bunch of guys in the catering business might not have very strong legs.

You can catch the show’s final episodes by download on August 24th.  Itunes, Amazon and Xbox will have them available.  The DVD of season two is released on September 21st.

party-downYou can find Tony Robbins canceled summer series online as well.  Now speaking of Lebron James, this show aired a few times which is again the number of fans Lebron has in Cleveland.  NBC yanked it after what three episodes.  This one is not even worth doing the research to determine just how many times it aired because it was just awful.

But Tony Robbins has many fans out there, those unwilling to remove the crutches of a therapist, a ranting cult leader or anything they can follow rather than lead and stand up on their own two feet.

Never liked the motivator business.  But if you want to find Tony Robbins and the episodes that did not air please go to NBC.com for more.

Rick Thomas


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