'Parenthood's Minka Kelly Esquire Magazine's 'Sexiest Woman Alive'

Women know her from ‘Parenthood’ on NBC along with ‘Friday Night Lights’ on the same network.  Men know her as the babe that’s hanging out with Derek Jeter, the one he’s about to do the ‘I do’ with sometime after baseball season ends and hopefully soon if you’re a Texas Rangers fan.

Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly

The world now knows her as 2010’s most ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ so Mr. Jeter you’ll have to share her with the rest of us who agree with Esquire Magazine’s assessment of the incredible Minka Kelly.

Quite frankly with as much TV as I have to watch, and I do flip on ‘Parenthood’ every once in a while only to see that most people have a ton more problems than me, I would never have cared about Minka Minka Kelly.  But now that I have viewed some photos and videos of the Esquire shoot I must say that one day when I grow up I want to be Derek Jeter.

I’m sorry let’s get back to Minka and her work on ‘Parenthood’ if you’d like.  Minka plays ‘Gaby’ in the Tuesday night show which highlights more problems any one family should have.  ‘Gaby’ is the support person for the parents of a child with Aspergers syndrome and has been getting a lot more exposure on the show as of late.

Expect ,my friends, that there will be more of her as she is about the only character on the show that doesn’t need to double up on their happy pills.  Minka’s character is what you would call stable compared to just about everyone on that show.

But it’s so good to be voyeuristic and watch this car wreck every week.

We say more Minka Kelly on ‘Parenthood’ as she’s pretty good in her role and quite frankly is one of the ‘Sexiest Women Alive.’  Go to Esquire Magazine’s online thing to view some of the pictures cause we don’t wanna get sued.

Damn Derek Jeter.

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