Oprah To Do 'OWN' Show, 'OWN' Needs More Money, 'OWN' Gets Sued

OK so we have a lot going on here that may be a bit confusing.  So let us get it all in place for you.  Oprah Winfrey, who has set daytime television in a pretty unstable position after canceling her show, will now be doing a lot more with the 2011 launch of her Oprah Winfrey Network.


Because the network needs the Benjamins and can’t get any more unless the former Queen of Daytime ups her visual brand on OWN.  In other words Oprah will actually be seen more on the network so that investors feel comfy with giving her more money to build OWN.

Oprah WinfreyOWN is flying through cash like Rachel Uchitel is flying through Tiger’s settlement money.  They’re already looking to burn up to the $100,000,000 in funding to get this thing going but are running our of cash and are looking for $89,000,000 more.  So in a filing with the SEC to get the additional funds Oprah says she will likely do a daytime show similar to the one she’s dropping on regular TV.

Probably a good move since I don’t see the network being very strong with Shania Twain and Rosie O’Donnell hosting programs without a bigger integration from Oprah Winfrey.

This new show is in addition to the already announced ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ that is green lit on the network.

Now for the lawsuit.  Dang, already?  An ex-employee (dang, they have ex-employees already?) has filed suit against OWN for discrimination.   Catherine Dunn, who has MS, is suing for wrongful termination claiming a hostile work environment led her situation to become worse so she wanted a leave of absence.  OWN gave her that leave by making her a former employee and now she wants some of the Benjamins that Oprah is getting from investors.

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