Oprah Goes One on One Against LeBron James, Derrick Rose and Oprah Wins

She can’t do a crossover move like Derrick Rose, the superstar guard for the Chicago Bulls.  Slam dunk like LeBron James?  No one can slam dunk like LeBron.  No one, right?

The only person that can take two of the National Basketball Association’s biggest stars and kick them to the curb is Oprah Winfrey.

oprah-and-dollThe Miami Heat, LeBron’s team and the Chicago Bulls, Derrick’s boys, were scheduled to play game one of the Eastern Conference Championship Tuesday night at the United Center.  Problem for that game.  Oprah Winfrey’s got the United Center booked for one of her last set of shows that day and the NBA has had to adjust the schedule to accommodate, well Oprah Winfrey.

Game one will take place on Sunday rather than Tuesday at the United Center.  The NBA could have asked her to move but no one asks Oprah to do anything these days.  According to the Hollywood Reporter if this had been a concert, the Ice Capades or Glee on tour, the Chicago Bulls would have had no issue moving that event from the United Center.

Yeah, but not Oprah.

Never thought there would ever be a story pitting the National Basketball Association against the Queen of Daytime.  At least next year, the Chicago Bulls won’t have to compete with Oprah Winfrey as she goes full time to the Oprah Winfrey Network.

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