One More Time, Another Gay Joke, Another Outrage This Time from 'The Voice's Carson Daly

Here we go again.  Really here we go again.  You think people would be a whole heck of a lot smarter but now TV and Radio personality Carson Daly finds himself in hot water along with his career on NBC’s The Voice and his radio show which airs in Los Angeles and is syndicated in other markets across the country.

Really is Carson Daly stupid or something?  Does he not watch the news or is head so far up his rear end that the only thing this moron watches is his show The Voice and listen to only himself during his radio show?

This guy is now on the list, the long list, of homophobic idiots.

Period.  End. Stop.


Carson Daly The Voice

Carson Daly 'The Voice'


First off the story is connected to the nutcase pilot that forgot his koo koo for coconuts medication and went all wacko on a JetBlue flight to Las Vegas.  Let’s begin by saying that a nutcase pilot that goes crazy during a flight with 150 plus passengers on board is not funny.  It’s really not funny. 

What did Carson Daly say?  “With my luck it would be like…”this is the flight going to the gay pride parade in San Francisco…I mean, that would be my colleagues,”

Seriously Carson Daly?  Seriously?

First off I personally know a few gay guys that could kick Carson Daly’s ass so hard he’d be crapping out of his ears.  In other words I would not get in to a fight with any gay dude because with my luck someone would have a video camera and that content would be the big story on Action News.

I don’t want to be the big story on Action News.  No, I really do not want to be the big story on Action News.  But I’d sure like to see Carson Daly on Santa Monica Boulevard near Club Rage about 2AM just to see how his skinny little ass would negotiate his way out of the neighborhood.

Haven’t we had enough of this type of talk?  When will this ever end? 

“This morning I attempted to make fun of myself & offended others by mistake.  I sincerely apologize,” said Carson Daly in a statement on Twitter. 

Apology, well just ask any gay guy.  Apology not accepted.

Rick Thomas



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