O.J. Simpson's Back in the News as Nancy Grace Exits 'Swift Justice'

We’ve been writing this blog for what a little over a year or so, right?  And we have never d0ne a story using the name of the infamous former football great O.J. Simpson.  Tonight is the night.  We have an O.J. story to tell you although we have it from an around about way.  Kinda like my friend Jessica said to me a couple of Saturday nights back when it comes to ex-boyfriends or girlfriends who want back in.

She calls them circle-backs.

Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace

This is an O.J. circle-back for ya.  Nancy Grace, host of Swift Justice with Nancy Grace, is taking her brand away from the show and handing off the gavel to Jackie Glass, the judge who oversaw the O.J. trial, not the murder one but when he got convicted in that armed robbery beef a few years back that sent the brotha to jail.

Jackie might lose a few viewers in the hood for that.  There are a few black folk out there that still believe O.J. didn’t kill those people and those black folk are just the type to watch Swift Justice.

Jackie threw the book at the Juice. But she’s going to be throwing the book at people on Swift Justice with Jackie Glass which is a show that I can easily admit the I watched one episode and it was the worst show I ever wasted 30 minutes of my life and will never view again.

Maybe Nancy thought the same thing which is why she decided to bail on this awful program.  But we like Nancy.  Swift Justice though is simply awful.

Rick Thomas

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