Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Okay, Alfonso Riberio, "Carlton" from "Fresh Prince" Not Dead (Watch His Flash Mob Video)

Where do these rumors come from or how do they get started?  In the last couple of weeks the Internet has killed off three TV or film personalities and all of them happen to be black.

Um, this must be a conspiracy.  To rid Hollywood of three black actors all leading to be, of course, not true.  The latest, after the purported deaths of Eddie Murphy and Morgan Freeman, now is Alfonso Riberio, AKA “Carlton” from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Alfonso Riberio and Ricky Schroder

Alfonso Riberio and Ricky Schroder

He’s not dead.  Alfonso Riberio is not dead.  Let me repeat, Alfonso Riberio is not dead.  Nor is Morgan Freeman.  Hey, Morgan Freeman is not dead.  Eddie Murphy is alive and well too.

And who’s trending hot on a Google Trends search today?  Morgan Freeman, last week big time Eddie Murphy and Alfonso Riberio.

All alive.

Apparently the rumor that Alfonso Riberio died in a massive car accident forced him to Tweet “It’s crazy how many people are calling me,” about the rumor.  There was even a Facebook page citing his death and doing a memory thing on Alfonso Riberio.

So once again…Alfonso Riberio alive.  Morgan Freeman alive.  Eddie Murphy alive.  They’re all alive people so chill.





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