Oh My God!!! You Gotta Watch, Love KTLA Weather Guy Henry DiCarlo's Meltdown on Live TV

OK so I missed this one live as I do watch the KTLA Morning News program with Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson, Henry DiCarlo with weather and a host of of slightly twisted on air personalities.  I say slightly twisted because every once in a while there’s a bit of tension that happens to be real among the crew that includes Ginger Chan doing the traffic, Sam Rubin with useless stories on the Kardashians leading to the carnival that is probably the best news broadcast in the morning here in Los Angeles.

Things got a bit testy over the holiday season during a recent broadcast.  Henry DiCarlo was out in the field doing an interview which would conclude with his weather forecast but clearly was told to dump the forecast and send it back to the studio.

He was a bit miffed.  OK let’s be real he was pretty pissed.  And it showed on the air.

KTLA Weather Anchor Henry DiCarlo

KTLA Weather Anchor Henry DiCarlo

Now what normally happens at most news stations is the anchors take back the broadcast and everything moves on.  Not at KTLA.  Chris Schauble, who joined KTLA after his historic WTF moment in rival KNBC, took to humor after Henry DiCarlo’s meltdown.  I don’t think Henry was in a humorous mood if you look at the expression on his face while walking away from the camera.

This is funny.  I love this show.  And the whole crew.  But this is a true on-air meltdown.  So much that Ginger Chan had to do the weather plus traffic as Henry DiCarlo is still missing from the broadcast.

Hey Henry, I do like you but maybe had you not taken 30 seconds for an editorial reply to your shortened weather report you could have actually done the weather forecast.

Plus it’s live TV Henry.  No disrespect to you bro, but shit happens.

What’s that line one big time agent uses when it comes to on-air people…”you can’t control talent.”

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