"Oh My!" As 'Sulu' Does a Guest Shot on 'Big Bang Theory'

Howard Stern started it.  You gotta say that the term “oh my” that he played over and over again when Howard was on real radio helped to build up the name of old school ‘Star Trek’ actor George Takei.

Let’s see…William Shatner is huge with his new network show and as the pitchman for Priceline.com the travel giant.  Leonard Nimoy just retired from acting finally after an amazing career doing the original ‘Star Trek’ series and a few episodes of ‘Fringe’ on FOX.

Cheryl Burke and George Takei

Cheryl Burke and George Takei

Now George Takei who played ‘Sulu’ in ‘Star Trek’ back in the day will do a guest hit on the CBS series ‘The Big Bang Theory’ on October 14th.  He will play himself in that episode along with the hard working Katey Sackhoff who will be Simon Helberg’s ‘Wolowitz’ character’s conscience.

That Katey Sackhoff is busy with ‘Big Bang’ and now ‘CSI.”

Slick Rick


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