Obama Bin Laden, Um, Osama Bin Laden, Um, Can People on TV Get It Straight? (Video)

What’s cool is we can have fun with President Obama and write entertaining stories about him even on a TV blog.  We’ve done about 5 stories over the last week about the President and yes we are not Politico.  Or Meet The Press.  But with the correspondents dinner recently, the press conference on the President’s birth certificate, the 50 million plus viewers who watched his announcement on the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the 60 Minutes interview Sunday and viewing of this President’s visit to New York City today, well it’s been “all Obama, all the time” on TV.

And some reporters still can’t get the guy’s name right.

barack-obama-at-ground-zeroOne of the reasons Barack Obama thought about not running for President is highlighted in this video.  People would confuse him with Osama Bin Laden.  Leave it up tothe media to do just that.

After making the nine plus minute chat about taking out the world’s number one terrorist villain, television news went crazy.  And it highlighted the mediocrity of the media world as they can’t even tell the difference between Obama and Osama.

This in a way is funny.  On the other hand, well this is the sad state of TV news.

Rick Thomas

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