NYPD's John Miller's Lie on 'CBS This Morning' That He Knows "nothing" About Police Practice of "Rough Rides" (YouTube Video)

There are a lot of good cops out there.  The first one I ever met was at the Police Athletic League at 61st & Columbia in West Philly when I was a kid.  Mr. Mason.  Don’t remember his first name but we all as kids knew him as “Mr. Mason.”  He was our baseball coach.  And a good cop.

“Keep ’em honest!” Mr. Mason would scream out when a pitcher had to hold the runner at first.  That meant make a throw over to first base to ensure that the runner would stay close to the bag.

Met a lot of other cops over the years of owning retail businesses in Philly.  Cathy Simon and Charlie Kapusniak, two beat cops when I had my coffee shop on South Street.  Real good hard-nosed cops.

Then there was the dirty cop…let’s call him Kenny for now.  Spent his whole life wanting to be a cop.  And got the uni and badge.  But couldn’t pull himself away from the scum of the earth drug dealers in North Philly.  To be short every time there was a drug raid there were no drugs because Kenny knew these dealers and warned them of the cops before their raids.  Yeah they put a tail on Kenny’s cell phone and next thing I saw was his picture in the Philadelphia Daily News getting busted for his illegal efforts.


There are more good cops than bad cops.  No doubt.  But when I hear people like the NYPD’s John Miller, a spokesperson that spends a lot of time on television discussing police issues lie about cop activities I have to call him on it.

The NYPD’s John Miller is the Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism for the NYPD.  Big title right?  Yeah bit title.  For a guy that used to be a journalist covering cops on the beat but now working for the NYPD. But John Miller went on CBS This Morning and lied about what is termed “rough rides” which is a strategy used by police for more years than I’ve lived on this earth.

NYPD's John Miller

NYPD's John Miller

The NYPD’s John Miller is a liar.

A “rough ride” is nothing new.  Nothing new at all.  Except to the NYPD’s John Miller.  The NYPD’s John Miller seems to think people are stupid.  Maybe the audience, the so-called upscale audience that watches CBS This Morning believe what the NYPD’s John Miller spewed on that network this week but people who grew up having a negative relationship with the police department sure as hell know what a “rough ride” is but cops in any American city.

Freddie Gray got that “rough ride” in Baltimore which led to his death.  Yet the NYPD’s John Miller lied on CBS This Morning when he was questioned twice about the practice.

So the result was a major American city under siege.  Riots in Baltimore.

What’s interesting is had we not moved to the new world order, the so-called ‘digital age’ where there are cameras everywhere and dumb cops who seem to forget that fact, police departments would still be abusing their powers and murdering more black men in America.  But how can these communities trust cops when leaders like the NYPD’s John Miller constantly lie about practices that have been going on for a half century or more.

The riots in Baltimore sucked big time.  But there is always a positive outcome from civil discourse.  Am I supporting rioting to make a point, well yes to a point.  Six Baltimore cops are charged with Freddie Gray’s death and the abuse of black men in America by their local police departments is now front page news.  So there’s your outcome.

The NYPD’s John Miller is a liar.  Yeah I said it…the NYPD’s John Miller is a liar.  Shame on the NYPD.  Shame on them.

Rick Thomas/rick@realtvcritics.com