Not So Surprising, NBC's 'Today Show's Chopping Block, Set to Release Ann Curry

And this is not coming from one of those low end, low ranked sites.  Kinda like this one.  No this is a report by Brian Stelter from the New York Times who today reports that NBC is moving to rid the Today Show of one of the company’s biggest mistakes since Jay Leno and the 10PM slot that was an instant failure.

Ann Curry

Ann Curry

This time it’s the smart work of NBC’s new parent company Comcast which don’t play the typical past NBC type crap which is to let it ride and the network is looking to move Today Show co-host Ann Curry to another place which is not seated next to Matt Lauer.  NBC, according to the New York Times, is on her way out at the top rated morning show.

Not surprising I say.  This was one of those mistakes that only came as Meredith Vieira’s insertion in the show going around Ann Curry after the Katie Couric passing to CBS left NBC with one move.  Promote Ann Curry.

Big mistake.  Huge mistakes.

Ann Curry is a pure news person.   To good actually for NBC’s Today Show.  She clearly is not a fit.  Uncomfortable banter back and forth with the other cast members. overly forced interview techniques with guests, a condescending approach in an attempt to level with those guests and just an awful integration in the Today Show.

Now when it comes to reporting the news, Ann Curry would be a perfect fit.  Take Dateline where she anchored prior to becoming a full time host on Today.  What professionalism she portrayed when a part of that show.  And NBC’s low rated Brian Williams hosted Rock Center could use a boost as well by working Ann Curry in to the content of that show.

NBC’s has nothing to lose and a lot to gain.  But moving Ann Curry is a smart decision.  And now is the time for her to go.

Read the story at the link below.  It’s really interesting.  But again give NBC some props.  Give their new owners their props.  With the Today Show responsible for millions upon milli0ns of advertising dollars Brian Roberts over at Comcast won’t wait it out as networks like NBC did in the past.  Time is money and the time has come for a change.

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