No This is Not a Los Angeles Dodgers Game But Those Fine San Antonio Spurs Fightin' Fans (Video)

You think Dodger Stadium is bad, right?  Well it is.  I call it “Thug Stadium” because it is one of what’s becoming a trend in watching live sports which is the reason I don’t go to Thug Stadium to see the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Too many thugs.  Just way too many thugs.  And this is the way they think.


They think they own the team.  Listen, I have a simple philosophy.  If my last name isn’t on the papers filed with the great state of California as owner and operator of the Los Angeles Dodgers, I ain’t getting in to a fight with some thug at Thug Stadium that drank one too many Bud Lights and sees himself as the owner of the team.

No way!

I remember one time I was shopping at Ralph’s Grocery store and I was wearing my Indiana Pacers Reggie Miller throwback jersey and some thug with Lakers swag walked up to me and said “the Pacers suck!”


Now I’ve been and Indiana Pacers fan for most of my life, all the way back to when they played in the American Basketball Association and Pacers forward Darnell Hillman was wearing a ‘bush’ hairstyle look.  Back to Fairgrounds Coliseum, Market Square Arena, the building that Reggie Miller and Rik Smits built.  To Conseco Fieldhouse and now Bankers Life Fieldhouse, I am a huge Pacers fan.

I looked at that kid after he said “the Pacers suck” and said to him “you know I agree with your assessment on the producttivity of the Indiana Pacers this year.  They suck.”

See, um, my last name is not Simon, I don’t own all of the Westfield Malls or the Mall of America in Minneapolis and I don’t own the Indiana Pacers so I’m not going to get in to a battle at a Ralphs with some kid half my age about the value of the Indiana Pacers or what they suck.

“You’re right, pal, you’re right,” is my attitude.

So here’s a group of new thugs.  Now in San Antonio, yes San Antonio has the sports thugs at San Antonio Spurs games.  You would have thought these people would be happy but nope, let’s rumble.

Next time I go to any sports event to watch live it had better be tennis.  Though some of those fans are getting rowdy these days too!



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