NFL Sunday, Lots of Football, Brings New Trailer for Liam Neeson's 'Taken 2' (YouTube Video)

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpaT8NzkLgE[/youtube]An exciting day. The birth of the National Football League’s first real day of scheduled games to start the NFL season along with the first run of commercials for Taken 2, the follow-up to Taken which quite frankly is one of the greatest action movies ever.

OK let’s forget the NFL just for a minute.

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson

Now had I not over-run my DVR with multiple episodes of Maury I would still be watching every minute of Taken, the first part of the movie story with the great Liam Neeson. Yes he was the coolest. The voice the pure-dee action from him literally forced the producers of the first go round to do Taken 2.

But of course Maggie Grace (Kim) is in Taken 2 as well. Along with Famke Janssen (Lenore) which makes this surely worth the male viewers efforts to go and check out this movie. So there’s definitely significant eye candy. But it’s all about Liam Neeson’s Bryan Mills  kicking ass and taking no prisoners, right?

NFL who?  OK just for now.

You bet!

Remember those criminals who took Kim hostage in Taken ? Well like the Crypts and the Bloods in Los Angeles, when you mess with someone that part of the gang you want retaliation. So goes the crooks that took Maggie’s Kim  and wanted to turn her in to one of the many wives of some Middle Eastern sheik. Liam’s character, her dad in the film, would have nothing of it so he goes on a mission to find her in Taken.

Back to the NFL…NFL soon! 

He does. And leaves a long list of dead bodies behind him. Now here comes the revenge. Check out the trailer for Taken 2. I can’t wait.

OK now back to the NFL.  Gotta love Sundays as a guy.  Nothing better than the NFL.

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