NFL Films Loses Its Genius, The Greatness in Steve Sabol (YouTube Video)

Steve Sabol from NFL Films

Steve Sabol from NFL Films

Steve Sabol was only 69 years of age when he passed away of brain cancer but he was one of the most formidable names in the National Football League and never put on a team helmet for Sunday play.  Steve Sabol’s forte’ came behind the camera, giving us some of the cleanest and the clearest visuals ever seen in the history of television broadcasting.

Being from the east coast, everyone in television or radio knew that Steve Sabol’s NFL Films was located in the Philadelphia area.  Most of us in the business probably sent our resumes over to Steve Sabol hoping to get a job with him and his company. Steve Sabol grew NFL Films and his personal brand to even include many stints in front of the camera as a host to some of his content.

Steve Sabol’s NFL Films won 107 Emmys since 1962.

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