Mayor Bill de Blasio Tells Racist, Bigoted, Sexist Donald Trump to Kiss My A$$ (YouTube Video)

Bill de Blasio might have well told President-Elect Donald Trump to kiss his fat white New York City ass.  No question. This is the Mayor of America’s most diverse city, probably the most diverse city not only in America but all across the world.  And he put President-Elect Donald Trump and the incoming administration that anything that Donald Trump promised to do to racially in America on notice.

“Kiss my fat New York City ass.”  And Bill de Blasio basically added, “Tell your administration and the deplorables that voted for  you that they can pucker up as well.

Watch this video.  You will now see the development of two Americas.  One the bottom-feeders that thought they elected a Donald Trump that would pull off all of their racist and bigoted and sexist policies if that what you want to call them.  The other that says you can take that shit and shove it.

Two Americas.

Mayor Bill de Blasio told a group of diverse people that New York City won’t do anything asked of a President Donald Trump.  Nothing if it comes racial profiling, banning Muslims or whatever.  “We will take legal action to block it,” for registering Muslims.  And on and on.

See Donald Trump thought this was going to be easy.  When the Mayor of New York City tells you to shove it the demise of this Presidency has begun.

“This is New York.  Nothing about who we are changed on election day,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.