New TV Dating Show 'Excused' with Iliza Schlesinger (Videos)

So these shows are always fun to watch as long as they’re not on cable.  Dating shows on cable television usually are targeted toward 15 year olds watching MTV.  We want more Blind Date and 5th Wheel content cause those shows were fun to watch.

Dating nightmares.  Just like real life.

Well wait no more.  The trials and tribulations of Match.com or PlentyofFish.com are coming back to television.  In the form of a new dating show titled Excused.

The host of the new show is Last Coming Standing winner Iliza Schlesinger who took the gold on that show in season six.  Oh and by the way, the production company responsible for Blind Date will be the group putting together this new show that will launch in the fall.

Iliza Schlesinger Host of 'Excused'

So the Excused format has either several guys or girls competing for the attention of two guys or girls.  Yes, that makes for a television show.  Once the two guys are two girls narrow down the group to one person, that one person picks who he or she wants to date.

Excused has pretty solid clearance as they call it in the TV business with stations in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.  But you can go to the Excused’s web-site to find out where to watch the show.


And the “Say What” video is why I took my profile off Match.com because these contestants bclearly did not pick up one book in high school.  Seems several rejects from The Maury Show are getting their 15 minutes of fame by getting on Excused.

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