New Judges Every Year on 'American Idol' as Mariah Carey Replaces Jennifer Lopez

So who is going to watch the new baby?  Oh yeah, that’s right these two people are loaded and can hire a nanny or a manny, whatever the heck the want, to take care of the kid while Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon go their separate ways.

Oh no, not that.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey is now on her way to the hit television reality show American Idol as a new judge for the upcoming season.  With the departure of Jennifer Lopez announced recently, Mariah Carey will be the female replacement on the new round of reality programs.

So that’s gotta tell us all that judge Randy Jackson isn’t going anywhere as he reps Mariah Carey and reportedly got her more money in Mariah’s contract at a higher number than Jennifer Lopez’s agreement.  “I can’t wait to get started,” the 42 year old pop star said after inking the deal with FOX.

Next up…Steven Tyler’s replacement where the big boss over at FOX says he’s in negotiation to announce that name sometime soon.

Also a report today that producers want to end the drama of judges on American Idol by bringing in new names every year.



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